Your honest, plain-English guide to corporate jargon and terminology.

Like all good corporate products, Corporate Cheat Sheet started out as a spreadsheet.

At first it was just a few acronyms being thrown around at conferences. Then I shared it with some friends at other companies, and it started to fill up with all the most-hated buzzwords of modern tech offices.

Now it's a website where I catalogue terms as they come up in my day-to-day experience at a mid-sized corporation. The business jargon catalogue currently contains 311 entries and growing.

If you're reading this, you probably wound up here by Googling one of these terms on the fly — a testament to the confusion caused by industry jargon.

Some consider corporate buzzwords to be a nuisance. Some love and embrace them. Others insist that "their facility to warp and impede communication — is also their purpose." Some companies are even starting to ban their use on premise.

Whatever your stance, Corporate Cheat Sheet is your guide to corporate terms, how to understand them, and how to use them to your advantage. Thanks for reading! Ping me if you have any thoughts or concerns.

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